The conference was held with the support of the RFFI (project number 18-07-20104-Г)

Dear colleagues!

We invite you to participate in the second international scientific conference “Models of Thinking and Integration of Information-Management Systems” which will take place on December 4-9, 2018 in p. Terskol (Elbrus), Kabardino-Balkar Republic, Russia.

At present one of the major factors constraining development and introduction of the intellectual integrated information-management systems is the existence of unresolved fundamental problems in the field of a decision making and management in problems of the actual environment. Essential gaps in the theory of an artificial intelligence do not allow to create the methods and applications capable to ensure safe efficient operation of information-management infrastructure of the integrated complexes of informational society. Such situation is characteristic of research and development in the field of intellectual information-management systems in world science in general.

The central problem of the integrated information-management systems operating in the conditions of the actual environment is bound to the fact that for their creation complex models of an intellectual decision making and management, the essence of which in the best way is described by the term of “thinking model”, are required. The very thinking integrates the composite natural intellectual information- management  systems that allows them to be successful both in interaction with environment, and in creation of large-scale social systems.

The MTIIMS international scientific conference is focused on a solution of the problem of integration of intellectual information-management systems on the basis of models and methods of formalization of thinking, creation of the decentralized systems of an intellectual decision making and management on their basis.

Need of attraction of broad attention of scientific community to this subject is caused by the opening opportunities of an intensification of scientific research in the field of cognitive science, neuromorphology, artificial intelligence, multiagent systems, robotics, infocommunication systems, safety of information technologies because of the increasing request for creation of the intellectual integrated information -management systems of special, household, agricultural and industrial function from society, business and the state.

Within the discussed subject fundamental and applied problems of development and use of the modern intellectual integrated information-management systems on the basis of concepts and methodology of modeling of reasoning and decision-making, intellectual habitats complemented and virtual environments, cognitive architecture, multiagent systems, robotic and hybrid biotechnical systems, methods of formalization of semantics of reasonable behavior and reasoning will be consideredat the conference.


The scope of the conference topics includes, but is not limited to the following directions:

  • Formalization of thinking and reasoning
  • Models of neuromorphological and psycho-physiological bases of thinking and behavior
  • Systems of artificial intelligence
  • Cognitive architectures and models of cognitive functions
  • Multiagent heterogeneous systems and technologies
  • Self-training systems and machine learning
  • Emergent systems and systems of artificial life
  • Adaptive behavior
  • Dialogue systems and formalization of a natural language
  • Systems of virtual and augmented reality
  • The integrated information-management systems
  • Intellectual habitats
  • Internet of things and industrial Internet
  • Computing infrastructure of intellectual habitats
  • Digital economy and economy of intelligence
  • Information security in intellectual environments and systems
  • Robotic sensors and effectors of intellectual habitats
  • Biotechnical intellectual systems and systems of bionanorobotics
  • Systems and environments of heterophase intelligence



Term of registration of applications and submission of reports – till 01.11.2018.
The notice from the organizing committee on adoption of the submitted report – not later than 15.11.2018
Day of arrival, accommodation and registration – 4.12.2018.
Departure of conferees – 9.12.2018.